No applause from us!

No, applause from us!

How is one to understand the somersault that they have done who on point for point have dismantled a message that has stood the biting test of time for over 2000 years? And who are they that further claim that they see the “Spirit of God” as the instigator of this turning away from the faith once for all imparted to the saints? I used the word somersault on purpose. Coming from the Italian language, “salto mortale” simply means “leap of death”. What has happened is nothing more or less than a death blow to everything that Christian faith and life is. There are undeniably many who applaud such a development. But we don’t applaud.

What has happened? And when did it happen? Have there been no signs before that it could happen? The signals about the large apostasy are there in plain text. Paul bids farewell to the leaders of the Ephesian church with the words: ” I know that no sooner has my seat grown cold than ravenous wolves will pounce on you, and many within your own ranks will turn out to be of a completely different wool.”1 It is not those on the outside, albeit never-so-aggressive enemies that ruin the congregation, it is the combination of false shepherds and wolves in wool that does it. Jesus foreshadowed the same when he let us know that the way he himself was treated in Nazareth would be recognizable even in the future. 2Thus the faithful would not only be on the lookout for external enemies but also sense Judas in their own midst. After all: A man’s enemies are those of his own household.”

So in one sense nothing new has happened, any more than a fully ripe wheat field comes as a surprise to the farmer in September. To the one who prepared the soil in May and then sowed what he was certain to reap, the harvest is no surprise. The harvest of flagrant apostasy from the Christian faith which in the last years has blossomed on a full scale is, after all, only the harvest which for several centuries has grown in the people’s soil and the church’s allotment at the same time. I have put a scythe in this standing crop and show you a few straws that together describe the whole “tares of the enemy in the field of God.” 3 This time there won’t be four different kinds of soil, but rather 3 straws with ears of the Devils corn.

  1. First Tare: The new anthropology

The first straw is the new anthropology which was necessary in order to create the scope of the defection from the Truth. It simply means that it is a very different view of man from that which the scriptures have presented to the world as a whole since the first chapters of the books of Moses, by God’s distinct command, were recorded for us. “All that was recorded of old is written for us who have the time of the End upon us.”4 The recorded view of man unequivocally declares that it is God who has made man the way he should be, but they themselves have devised a number of inventions. They are made one way but they have “improved” upon that by their own imagination 5 Man differs from all other creations in one extremely essential point. Everything else is created in its own image and to be only itself. No antelope fantasizes about becoming the baboon. No sea cucumber wants to be sold at the vegetable stand. Man’s destiny is to exist to represent someone other than himself. Humanity cannot decide to be something she is not made to be.
God said: “Let us make man in our image, like us . They shall rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the sky, over the livestock and over all the earth and every creeping thing that moves on the earth.” And God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him, male and female created he them.”

It is therefore the author’s right to define what it is that He has done. The clay cannot dictate to the potter what she should become. Either she becomes what Someone else decided or she becomes nothing like her best, and nothing to the one to whom she owes her existence. Note how throughout salvation history it happens that countless multitudes go to their doom, to nothing. The new anthropology claims that man has emancipated so far that she or he and they can decide for themselves what they want to be. It is enough to fancy yourself to be this or that and you yourself can create your own identity. And then to demand to be seen as she defines herself by herself. But this degenerate human being forgets that there is a day of reckoning and accounting awaiting when the question will be formulated from the perspective that everything you became as a human being falls short of what you were created for. Copyright is not negotiable.

Sexuality is included in the human format. God’s life-affirming act of creation also contains this quality as part of the whole called the image of God. It is surrounded from the very beginning with protective ramparts and binding instructions so that it is not lost from being a part of what it is to be human. The new anthropology reduces man’s identity to this most animal and most natural level, and in doing so ignores everything the Creator says about him. The image is reduced to a caricature and the celebration of sexuality is the only worship still offered. Thus, the churches’ so-called service has also replaced Yahweh with Baal. Sex separated from the truth has overturned nations and civilizations, and until a relatively short time ago the Christian congregation was the only safe zone for those people who still clung to the idea that this gift of God can only be preserved if it stays within God’s grasp and is monitored by the Spirit . Now the new anthropology has redefined man and speaks as if sex were a right “wpr”, without personal responsibility.

Therefore, the abortion industry reaps more human lives per year than the number of deaths in both world wars combined.

Therefore, two men’s right to “make love with whoever they want” has unleashed HIV and Aids on the world with 35 million dead until 2016. Literally millions of children are homeless because their parents died of these diseases and their consequences. And this is what the new prophets want us to applaud? What will be the next sexually transmitted epidemic?

Therefore, there is an enormous business activity at the expense of men, women and children, pornography and sex trafficking are bedfellows with politicians and financiers and the coats of arms of noble houses are badly tarnished. Therefore, men have taken themselves the right to take by rape what they can never win by their brutality.

Therefore, there are millions of single women with children. The majority of all men behind bars in the United States come from single mother homes. Sons who, well into life, are still bound by the bands of the mother’s apron are a result of that Mariolatry which never allows Christ to mature and gain his true identity which “does only the will of his Father, and says only what the Father says. The eternal baby Jesus is just a sentimental pastiche and caricature. His manger was most likely made of the wood of the cross. Marry doesn’t want to know about that. To Mary Jesus must never die, until she dies to herself.

Therefore, biological men find it more and more difficult to become “Men of God” and instead of striving for “full male maturity” they have stayed at the level of the games. The word layman was used to differentiate different categories in the emerging church organization from each other. From the beginning it wasn’t like that. Now most men are “laymen” in a completely new sense. They play “lay” games. The games include the world of sports, the pathetically idolized quasi-glory of war, and all the isms that are all associations of men against the rest of the world. Infantility takes no responsibility for its sexuality. It is a lack of role models that allows the boys to form alliances between these boys refusing to be sons of The Father. Men who do not want to know of a Father. Homosexuality is one of the behavioural residues of infantility. A refusal to meet the Father, for He has no room for boys who play with their gender attributes all their lives but refuse to submit to the Father’s authority. His idea was that sex was for “multiplying and filling the earth with men and women of God.” None of that is the aim of the homosexual.

Therefore , despite the fact that they are a minority in society at large, the media world has almost total power to spread their propaganda without the slightest resistance. And now church after church joins the same choir. The guardians on the wall have become butchers on the ground.

Therefore , God is blasphemed every time the Apostles’ Creed is read in one of the churches that celebrate the new anthropology. How can they profess a Creator who is not considered to have created what was expressly created? “He that hath not the Son hath not the Father.” Well, they solve the problem by erasing the Father from the Scriptures, but don’t know that the Father also has an eraser and erases from the Book of Life those who commit these abominations.

Therefore, there is also a large lack of role models for boys in the congregations. The majority of parishioners are women and not infrequently these are without men or with “men without chests” 6who likes to follow any other crowd of men but refuses to stand in the way of defense anything outside of them selves. It costs everything to be a man on God’s terms. It takes Christ in a man to make a man of God, they are woefully lacking. Isaiah knew how to describe the effect on siciety by this lack of real men. “ The oppressors of my people are children, and women rule over them. O, my people, your leaders lead you astray and spoil the way you would go.”7

Therefore we protest against the sexualization and sensualization that is driven right down to preschool age and imposes on those who cannot defend themselves a completely distorted image of what it is to be human. Because what the new anthropology omits is that although man is physically “of the earth, i.e. natural”, he is God-breathed and recipient of the God-given “spark of life”. And if that spirit is extinguished, man is only an animal, but never a true human.

Thereforewe do not applaud the homofication. It is a dead end with no return. How could we applaud that what God set as a milestone for humanity has come to the end of the road. If biology, if nature, creates homosexuals, then it has given up hope for this species of man and apparently believes that it should not be reproduced in any case. If God were to have created a homosexual person, he thereby puts an end to that person’s genetic inheritance to continue. The ability to reproduce is essential for the survival of each genus. Everyone with a biological education knows that. But they are silent, afraid of losing their fees and their livelihood. Because it is currently politically incorrect to assert the conditions of the only possible form of biological reproduction. This new anthropology is nothing new if you consider what the Scriptures have described. All these derailments are well known to anyone who has read the entire Bible as the Word of God. They don’t do that anymore and in many parts of Christendom it hasn’t been done for 1500 years. Like the wonderful contemporary Danish toy “Lego”, the Bible words have been cut up into small pieces and even though there was once a lid that described what was the intention of the entire Word, the lid has been rejected and thus the churches take liberty with it and feel free to build anything they like with what is still in the box. The word is interpreted with the fallen man as sole arbiter of what it means.. The interpretation paradigm sounds like this: “What do you think of this word, what does it mean to you?” But if that person does not understand that no single text can be interpreted by the will of any single person, then it is blatantly irrelevant what anyone thinks, especially those who are not even born of the same Spirit. 8The spiritual man is not physically different from the soulish, animal man, he is different from them by the spiritual dimension which is his because God has in a certain and specific sense been returned to that body. Man without God is not yet man. Not the man God created. When the churches no longer have as their goal that man through rebirth also becomes a new creation, the only thing that remains for them is to renovate the old Adam, to make the sinner as spotless as possible but only in external measure. Man is no longer to be reformed in the true sense of the word, which is: returning to what he was originally, but is now only given a facelift and faćade renovation, which is the passive meaning of the word in Latin. In other words: makeup on a dead person. The death mask of civilizations.

The Second Tare: The new “hamartology.”

Was that a new word for you? It is a short form close to the original Greek word for what in English is “the doctrine of sin”. The word hamartia , with the verb hamartano is translated in the biblical text as the word “sin” and denotes a number of different similar realities where the most famous is “missing the mark”, “falling short”, being in “absence of God’s glory,” et al. What is frequent mixed up is “the sin that so tightly surrounds us” 9and the sins that are the acts following from that sin. We do not become sinners because we commit mistakes, we commit mistakes because sin so tightly encircles us. Because we are sin, Christ became sin for us. The essence of sin is that man, created by God and completely dependent on God, has disconnected from God and replaced Him with his own self. It is the self-centeredness, the apotheosis (self-adoration and self deification) of the ego that is the nature of sin. There are no real atheists , the word is just a verbal cover for man putting himself in the place of God. And the new man rewrites his theology to defend his sins and the right to remain a sinner. That is the new hamartology in a nutshell.

God’s image was lost when man chose to put himself before Him from which his “I am” originates. At that moment in the history of the spiritual world when God revealed his name to Moses at a burning bush, we learned that the eternal being, from whom everything derives its existence, is called “I AM”. Our preoccupation with our identity is really evidence for God, because it is our search for the only identity we were created for that reverberates in the empty throne room of every sinner. And the refusal to let the Creator own his creation is the nature of sin. And it is the only nature that modern man, and at the same time the apostate church, acknowledges. The sin that can only be cured by redemption and rebirth has de facto disappeared from the churches which consider that the utterances of this flagrant self-centeredness should be renamed “my God-given disposition” and thus accepted as God’s action in the present time. A 180 degree turn from the Bible.

The sins are completely revamped. “A little blindness is all we are guilty of”, as long as we avoid too large a “Carbon footprint” and live vegan, we will all go to heaven. “And God’s love allows no one to be lost.” Hocus Pocus! (On the contrary the word says that he who does not embarce faith is already lost. But these new apostles are not literate.) The 10
acts of sin are, among other things, these and they have a given consequence. Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Don’t deceive yourselves! Neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor those who practice homosexuality, nor those who allow themselves to be exploited for such, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor slanderers, nor extortionists shall inherit the kingdom of God. Some of you have been like that. But you have been washed clean, you have been sanctified, you have been declared righteous in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.”11

Such a radically distorted “hamartology” naturally has tremendous consequences. By running away from its origins, these new people see themselves as the reclaimers of paradise. There is no question of a coming Kingdom of God, because they believe that the Kingdom of God is the sum of their activities and that it is the liberation from the old catalogues of sin that is the true liberation. They have turned truth into lies and made black into white, they hate righteousness and recklessly love all the desires of the self.

Where the ancient good news offered an escape from the sin which so tightly entangles us and allows Christ himself to take form in man so that mankind becomes a new creation, there the new church order offers recorder lessons, yoga meditation and political attacks on those who do not want to be included in this spiritual pandemic and pestilence. The cry has often sounded out in Christendom: “Come out of her!” It has probably never been more justified to shout that than now. Attend a “rainbow Mass” and you are “sitting among the despisers.” 12

Then what shall we say? Should we remain in sin so that grace will be greater? Really not! We who have died away from sin, how could we continue to live in it?

Or do you not know that all of us who are baptized into Christ Jesus are baptized into his death? We are buried with him by baptism into death to live the new life, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father.For if we are united with him in a death like his, we shall also be united with him in a resurrection like his.

We know that our old man has been crucified with Christ, so that the body of sin may be deprived of its power so that we are no longer slaves to sin. He who is dead is declared free from sin.”

If we remove sin, we have in one fell swope killed baptism and communion. Without baptism, the church is only “one lying in her own blood without mercy.” 13Namely, baptism signified that the only kind of people who can be called Christians at their baptism consciously identified themselves with the death of Christ, they have died with him, been crucified with him and no longer live for themselves. None of that is left in the new theology. Now all are to be allowed to live and shamelessly integrated and included to satisfy their own sinful desires. Sanctification? What that?

When hamartology has been rewritten and removed, there can no longer be a meaningful Soteriology left.

The third tare: The new Soteriology

The Church has long known Iesous Christos Theos Huios Soter as “Ichthys” 14. Jesus Christ God’s Son Savior! If no sins are sins anymore, the concept of salvation, of rescue, is completely incomprehensible, unnecessary and obsolete. In the national language, its meaning has long since been distorted. A good hockey player ” saved his team with a goal in overtime.” The goalie saved but Kevin Keegan knocked the rebound into the back of the net.” And the like.

No wonder the crosses are taken down. It is put forward that this is in order to not scare people away from the church with the suffering Christ. Being that he is a thorn in the side of, among other things, Islamic believers, but the real reason is that they themselves no longer identify with Christ’s death. That which would have died with the death on the cross, their sin nature, lives on without the slightest encroachment on their lifestyle. The cross bears witness to precisely the alienation of sin, which is the inevitable consequence of sin and what is needed to heal precisely that sin. The atoning death on the cross is regarded by these new tattooed in clerical costumes as a barbaric relic of a pre-intellectual age. Within a lifetime these winds have swept away 2000 years of Christian culture and the entire biblical heritage. In large part, but not all. A small remnant remains and holds up the Lord’s battle banner in the storm wind.

Why they continue to pretend to be Christians is incomprehensible . We do not applaud.

It didn’t start yesterday. It has been in the making since the gate of paradise was shut and flaming swords 15were set to guard that none born of woman should enter there again until man was restored and made anew in the image of God. The idea that the kingdom of God could be created by fallen man on his own terms is as preposterous as the idea that one could raise a Johann Sebastian Bach from the afterbirth.

Those who have the whole word of God in their memory are not surprised that this development has taken place. It cannot be a total surprise because it is foreseen and foretold from the beginning. We are just amazed that we should be living in the prophesied time. We wish we were not. The wild hope that this drifting away and this abysmal decay could have been somehow averted is firmly rooted in the heart. But as with the sinking of the Titanic, we might say over and over “It cannot happen.” The ship was unsinkable until it sank. It shouldn’t have happened! It is the same with humanity, it has happened and is happening as it was predicted by the Holy Spirit. Relentless, therefore is the decay, and relentlessly a judgment awaits those who hasten and approve that decay.

“ We are witnesses of all that he did both in the land of the Jews and in Jerusalem.

They hung him on a tree and killed him,but God raised him up on the third day and made him appear— not to all the people, but to the witnesses whom God had chosen beforehand, to us who ate and drank with him after he rose from the dead. 4 And he commanded us to preach to the people and testify that he is the one whom God has chosen to judge the living and the dead . Of him all the prophets bear witness, that whosoever believeth in him receiveth remission of sins through his name.” Those

who walk in the breach of this apostasy know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God. And as they seek to lower the church of Christ to a level that is no higher than that of the soulless animals, they will experience what Solomon conveyed in his wisdom: ” Then I thought: God will judge both the righteous and the wicked. There is a time for everything that happens and everything that is done. I thought: It happens for for the people’s sake, for God to test them and for them to see that they are in themselves like the animals.

People’s children are like animals, they are all the same. One’s death is like another’s. Everyone has the same life spirit. Man has no more to contribute than the animals. Everything is perishable. 16

Solomon did not know God’s Son the Savior. He never saw the “fish”. He did not know the spiritual rebirth without which no one can see God. Nor do the contemporary preachers of “this other gospel.” Themselves to eternal harm. Woe to the sheep who still listen to them.

No, no again, we do not applaud. Because if we did, we would be complicit in the blasphemy of Yahweh, the Creator and Giver of Life, a blasphemy turned into theology, and we would be complicit in Christ being crucified again, and the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Truth being extinguished in the midst of the assembly of the saints. No we do not applaud, not now and by God’s mercy, never!

We mourn and call upon the God of grace, “Have mercy Lord, forgive them, they know not what they do.”

Björn (Teddy) Donobauer
Doncaster 8 March 2023


1Acts 20:28-30 paraphrase

2Matthew 10:36

3Matt 13:39 “ The enemy who sowed it is the devil. “

41 Corinthians 10:11 What happened to them is an example, and it was written down to warn us who have the end of the world upon us. See also Romans 15:4 All that was written before is written for our instruction, that we may keep our hope through the endurance and comfort which the Scriptures give.

5Ecclesiastes 7:30 Behold, this only I have found: God created man straight, but they have come up with many inventions.

6CS Lewis “The Abolition of Man” It is not that they are bad men. They are not men at all. Stepping outside (the God given order) Tao they have stepped into the Void. Nor are these subjects necessarily unhappy men. They are not men at all: they are artefacts. Man’s final conquest has proven to be the abolition of man.

7Isaiah 3:12

82 Peter 1:20-21 Above all, you should know that no prophecy in Scripture has come about through your own interpretation . No prophecy has been brought forth by the will of any man, but led by the Holy Spirit men have spoken what they have received from God.

9Heb 12:1-2 “the sin that so tightly entangles us” and 1 John 1: 6-10 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.If we say we have not sinned, we make him a liar and his word is not in us.

10Joh 3:17f “ God did not send his Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through him. 18 Whoever believes in him will not be condemned. But he who does not believe is condemned already, because he does not believe in the name of God’s only begotten Son. “

111 Corinthians 6:9-11

12Psalm 1: 1f Blessed is he who does not obey
        counsel of the wicked,
    who do not enter the path of sinners
        and sits among scorners,
but has its joy
        in the teaching
of the Lord    and ponders his words
        both day and night.

13Ezekiel 16: 1f “ When you were born, no one cut your umbilical cord, you were not washed clean with water, nor were you rubbed with salt and wrapped. No one looked at you with so much pity as to want to do such a thing to you or take pity on you, but they threw you out into the open field. That’s how repulsive you were the day you were born.

When I passed by where you lay and saw you splashing in your blood, I said to you where you lay in your blood: “You shall live!” Yes, I said to you where you lay in your blood: “You shall live!”

14Ichthys is Greek for Fish. And precisely a stylized fish was a sign of recognition between believers and thus offers a marker for a context where the saved found each other.

15Genesis 3:22f The Lord God said: “Behold, man has become like one of us with the knowledge of good and evil. Now she must not reach out and take even from the tree of life and so eat and live forever.” And the Lord God sent them away from the garden of Eden to till the ground from which they were taken. He drove out man, and east of the garden of Eden he placed the cherubim and the flames of the flaming sword to guard the way to the tree of life.

16Ecclesiastes 3:17-19

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