Welcome to my cyber home

Welcome to my cyber home, and this hub of information for my visible activities online. I have been active online since way back in 1997 and gradually more and more different forums saw contributions in blogpostings, youtube videos and many other sites. Bringing them altogether to be easily accessed from one central hub became necessary. Here it is.

Via the links you can reach most of what I do.  Groups on Facebook and many videos on Youtube. Poems and other texts at Poeter.se. From here you can access most of what we are involved in around the  globe. Warm welcome. An internatonal bible reading plan is ongoing in more than 10 countries and 12 languages and is expanding rapidly.

My story

My given names are Björn Gustav Adolf Donobauer. I came to Lancashire and the Capernwray Torchbearer centre in the summer of 1961 and nobody could rightly say my first name. Björn Borg had not yet played at Wimbledon nor had ”Abba” Björn Ulvaeus made the world aware of what Abba would do to the pop music scene. And I was unhappy about being addressed as BeJoon. They asked me the meaning of Björn and I said it means ”Bear” in Swedish. Ah! The penny dropped and I became “Teddy”. And I am still known by that name outside Sweden. And outside Sweden I am nowadays and will be for the foreseeable future. Read more….

My mission

By the grace of God and the good will of many individual people I have been able to go to parts of the world that I would not have thought of ever going to. Once there I have been given oportunity to share the word of God with a colorful array of people. I have met with dedicated young people and seasoned older workers in the Kingdom business of God. I speak in Bible Schools, at conventions, and in smaller house groups as well as established churches, among people of many different ’tribes and nations’! Read more…

My credentials

It is not in me to speak of things that are hidden in God. I will not speak of what I have done or believe to have accomplished. Other people will have to do that. On request I can probably supply you with a short list of names and email adresses of people who have benefitted from my ministry but I am not in a framework of mind to laud myself.

It is enough for the servant if he is reated as they treated his Lord. All that I have done in life will be accounted for at the last judgmenet and until then I will not speak on my behalf. Read more…