Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly

Dear Kingdom Center People. Past and present.

When the body of Christ is torn in halves or worse, this is no small matter, neither is it private to you only.

The Word of God knows that if one member of the Church suffers, then all suffer one way or another. When events bring the Name of Christ into disrepute, when a fellowship is hit hard by satanic attack then those who also know Christ as the head must respond.

If the story of the good Samaritan tells you anything at all, it is that all who are stricken down are the concerns of every passer by.

I think that I am more than a passer by. I have established contact and friendship with many of you, and have no partiality in mind or a need to take sides in the present conflict. I am on the Lords side. Those who stand with Christ are my friends. Only Christ can reconcile and heal wounds and breaches of fellowship.

I call to your attention that the Word of God holds out a series of plumb lines on virtually every matter which has been part of the reasons of the present breakdown of fellowship.

I intend to list the ones I know of, and will attend to each in turn. In order to do that I invite all who want to join to become partners in bringing the truth to light and holding up the plumb line which alone will point the way forward and out of the present “sorrowful mess”.

There will be simple rules here. Stick to the topics and avoid chasing blame on individuals. The word says plainly that there is not one righteous, no not one. Nothing is accomplished by putting blame on people, they only defend themselves and go out of earshot.

“Come let us open up our hearts to one another, without fear of being hurt or turned away, for we need to confess our weaknesses and be covered by our Brother’s love, to be real and learn our true identity.”

Teddy Donobauer, Doncaster

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