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”Well done thou good and faithful servant”

It is not in me to speak of things that are hidden in God. I will not speak of what I have done or believe to have accomplished. Other people will have to do that. On request I can probably supply you with a short list of names and email adresses of people who have benefitted from my ministry but I am not in a framework of mind to laud myself.

It is enough for the servant if he is reated as they treated his Lord. All that I have done in life will be accounted for at the last judgmenet and until then I will not speak on my behalf.

Academically I have achieved little of note. I was  trained and ordained within the Swedish Baptist Church in  Stockholm and Uppsala in 1971. I have completed a CRK (Certificate of Profisciency in Religious Knowledge) in Glasgow BTI in 1969. I have done 10 University credits within the Swedish National Education system in ”Educational Planning and Personel Development” at the Teacher Training College in Gothenburg in 1992.

I am the author of a few books, all in Swedish, and am in the process of writing a few more, all in English. One book is in the process of being translated from Swedish to English, it is called  ”Clues and cues to leadership” and deals with the formative processes that shape ’could be leaders’. Based on the biblical information regarding Moses and Paul, a pattern of what goes into the making of the character of those suitable for spiritual leadership is researched and presented.

A book on the ”The indwelling glory” dealing with the idea of ’Tabernacle’ is also on the boards in collaboration with Mrs Denise Lai, Educator, Singapore.

A further title ”Adam, there is a glitch in your fig leaf” Dealing with the sins of Adam and the shameful abdication from  divine manhood by the males of the world, it will set again the pumbline of real christian manhood for our time. Hint: ”Behold, the man”

Credentials in other fields  are of very varied nature and deal with anything from cooking to horsemanship. But they add little to my calling as a teacher of the Word of God. That I can handle a horse and carriage or cook a Beef Wellington is neither here nor there.  That does only safeguard that I can get from here to there while feeding myself in style.  ”A horse, a horse, a kingdom for a horse!”

For further inquires connect via email

Teddy Donobauer, Doncaster


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