Invite me

Invite me?

Indeed, why should you?

The reason for why you or your fellowship would invite me to come and share the word of God with you is  because sheep need pasture, people need food, and fellowships need empowering to be more than a social event organisation. ”When you come together, each one of you brings something for the edification of all.” But how? We still by and large have the ”one third performer/two thirds consumer” setup in most of church life. Or the 20/80 window where 99% of the work of the local church is done by a mere 20% of the members.

The christian church faces severe loss of direction, vision and courage to be what it can. The basis for all those things  is the whole word of God, the bible in both testaments, spoken fearlessly by its shepherds and enforced by the Spirit of God. There is a prediction made by the prophets that God’s people will forsake God’s word. ”There will be a famine in the land after hearing the Word of the Lord!”The loss of a common understanding of the ’Whole counsel of God’ empoverishes the life of the individual as well as that of the church. In place of a living entity we run the risk of becoming a museum of religious artefacts.

The apostles and prophets are both needed for the building up of the holy temple of believers. ”No man can lay another foundation”. If they try to do it will simply not be a building of firm foundation, and will not survive the storms coming. In a time when the churches empty in favour of everything else that catches people’s fancy, the need for placing the whole word of God in focus again  cannot be overestimated. Why? ”Because where there is no open vision given by God the people will perish! 

God has decreed that man shall live by every word out of the mouth of God. The malnourishment of the believers is entirely due to the substandard spiritual food from the pulpits. The prophets of old saw how lawlessness spread among God’s people, and they saw clearly that the leadership was to be blamed for it. ”They have rejected my word, says the Lord, therefore I reject them from being shepherds over my flock.”

We live in an age where the attention spans of most people have become foreshortened. Everything around is is served in fragments, snippets of information only, and few have a board wide enough and equipped enough to know where to place what they hear from day to day. But it is still time to take a step back and be rooted and grounded in truth, knowing that ”Every word is Godbreathed and useful for teaching, admonition, correction and instruction in order that we may all become fully mature in faith and work.”

So if you want to have a weekend immersed in the whole word of God from Genesis to Revelation, call me. If you want to get an indelible mindmap of the whole counsel of God, call me.

If you want to understand the tremendous blessings in the Name that Jesus made manifest to the disciples, call me.

If you want to take a deeper look into the matters of what God thinks of mankind and men and women and how they become separated from each other by sin and manipulation, call me.

Under the resources tab you will find some ideas about what I most commonly do and aim for. Those things there are hints at what might be done in a concentrated weekend seminar or spread out over time. It is my aim to serve and give freely of what God has entrusted to me. If at all possible without cost to the churches. Not being blind to the injunction that those who receive the spiritual good should share their material blessings with those who make themselves available to teach and instruct, guide and encourage, that is never the condition for my ministry. The need of the sheep is reason enough to come. And God will not allow lack of money to keep the hungry from being fed.

It has been well said; the gospel news are good only to those who realise they are in need of salvation. Those who see no need of that understand nothing and are therefore easily bored to tears even when told the greatest truths. The lack of burning hearts in the churches of the day is caused by them not realising the dynamic of the word of God which truly teaches us to know Jesus Christ and by knowing him shall have the life of which the scriptures speak.

I will, to the best of my understanding continue ”to fight for the faith, once and for all given to the saints”. I will tell you the old old story, my way. And you will study the scriptures to find out if what I say is true and reasonable and according to the revelation of God in both testaments. That is your task.

The bible is not a box of lego pieces. Everything in it is part of a thought-out whole, a document for all people in all ages at all times. It is neither young nor old. It is timeless because it was not brought us by the will of man but by the Spirit of the everlasting God. ”And though heaven and earth may pass away, my word will not!”

I look forward to seeing you, God willing.

Teddy Donobauer

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