Welcome to the new assembled blog-site!

Welcome to the English speaking pages on the new blog-address here. You are on the English side of this bi-lingual site. All my written material as well as all the videos that I have done on Facebook: "Flecks of Gold and Grains of Salt" are gathered here.

They are linked also to my webbsite www.donobauer.com and the videos will all be available on youtube. Just search under my name donobauer and you will find them. Or simply click this link:


This way it will be easy for all to get hold of anything that I produce by way of commentary or teaching in visual form whether it be text or video. All the soundtracks of the videos are also available as mp3 files for downloading and listening to when it suits you.

PDF files containing my Swedish and English Manuscripts will be available for a small sum when we have figured out how to do that correctly.

No blog is ever more meaningful than as it meets readers and is of some meaning to them. So your feedback and further enquiries are always welcome.

May you be blessed for whatever reason your came here. I stand by the lordship of Jesus Christ and the total reliability of the written word of God.

Teddy Donobauer, Doncaster 8th of February 2019

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