Video: Your Rod and Staff comfort me still

Your Rod and Staff comfort me still. The marvelous and remarkable tools of the good shepard.

Dear Friends. I can understand it if you feel deserted as I have not been posting anything here for a while. I will rectify that in a little while.

I had about three weeks of a health problem which depleted me of all energy, that is one reason for my silence.

The other reason is that I have been embroiled in a discussion about the teachings of Hillsong Church and in order to understand what they preach I have listened to a dozen sermons or addresses from about 7 different preachers.

That has been going on on the Swedish equivalent of this forum. I wont take up time with that here. I believe more in stating and declaring what is right than try to find fault with others. "I many parts we all fail." That is sobering. Better hang a plumbline and the leaning towers prove their own leaning.

Download this teaching as mp3: Your Rod and Staff
All teachings on mp3 at: All mp3-files 

This video was live streamed on Facebook April 12th 2018.


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