Blogtext: Oh Ye of uncircumcised hearts..

"This is my covenant with you and your seed after you: every man child among you shall be circumziced."  Gen 17:11

We live in a time when the issue of male irresponsibility and wilful self service has come to the forefront of media awareness in a way that has rarely been so publicised before. One after the other of people in high places have allegedly grossly ill behaved in their relationships with women. Sexual abuse and unwanted sexual attention is shoved into the shoes of one after the other of everything from priests to actors and politicians.

The new awareness of these numerous transgressions is fed by the rampant industry of sex mongering which is harvesting the sous of men and women, boys and girls on a world wide scale. Sex sells, and humans are sold for sex. Every international sporting event has scantily clad girls as attributes on the winners circle and stage. A million products are sold with a back drop of drop dead gorgeous female bodies. Nary a tv show can be expected not to have steamy sex scenes, preferably of a homosexual nature, nowadays.

In the last 50 odd years a billion babies have been aborted. Discussions about euthanasia of malfunctioning children even after birth are making headlines. The mass of evidence for male misconduct is too large to even be accounted for.

And yet the astonishing fact remains: few put the blame where it belongs. The blame is placed on 'patriarchal systems', on ' sexist structures', on 'male prerogatives' and so on. On the whole everything is responsible for the actual mis-manner except that which God says is the real root and cause. Which is: the fall of Adam. And his personal sin in which all males share.

In the matter of the abortion issue it is  astonishing to find not one word about the real reason for every abortion under the heavens: a male impregnator of a women, with or against her wish. It appears as if women by and large get impregnated on their own or by some miracle out of their control. It is remarkable that it is against modern thinking to believe in a virgin birth for the most unique man on earth, but accept women pregnancies as having nothing to do with men in general.

Every one, even the virgin Mary, knew how babies were usually made. No-one believed in parthenogenesis as a norm even then. The woman is the field into which a man sows and what is invariably reaped all things being normal is a man or womanchild. You do not hold the field accountable for what results from the sowing. That sowing is totally the responsibility of the sower! Where men will not reap what they sow they should not be allowed to sow. That is the bottom line of it. But the myth of man's inevitable sexual drive is so deeply entrenched that it seems beyond decency to even expect men to behave responsibly.

The distance between male and female is growing by the hour to the ultimate  detriment of the entire humanity. Mansplaining and male-hating, misogynism and militant feminism, child sex trafficking and abortion are all part of the same slew of more or less unwanted harvests. All because of that singular event: Man thinking himself to be better at being god than the God who made him. That fatal flaw dehumanised man from the beginning, and the repercussion vibrates through the females as well.

The 17th chapter of Genesis declares the absolute will of God for those who want to be part of a better covenant than those preferred by the self-willed man. The story is familiar enough. God made a promise to Abram: you will have a son according to my promise. Time passed, no success in the expected way. Tired of waiting, maybe due to the insightful recognition of infertility in his wife and his own advancing age, he listened to his wife. 'If I can't bring forth your promised son the some other woman can. Take this one: she belongs to me, is mine and I can decide her future,I can force her to be the mother you need. The child will be yours!'

Abram needed little persuasion. So with his uncircumcised male member he entered a woman not his own and nine months later he rejoiced to see how God had answered his prayer, or now, had he? Not so says God! Ishmael will be blessed but what you Abraham have produced on your own is not what I promised you. My covenant will be with Isaac, not with Ishmael.

It is no secret that the entire muslim world reckons its decent from Ishmael. It is no secret that the majority of the muslim world seeks the destruction of Israel.
It is no secret that God's covenant is with the true child of the promise, not with the son born of the flesh and flesh alone. It is no secret that the circumcision is introduced as a result of the birth of Ishmael! Every man child, on the eighth day of its life is to be circumcised, his prime tool of male domination is to be marked by the covenant mark of the living God. The signal is: this belongs to God! 

Henceforth every male intent on using his male member is called upon to recognize that he is now either using that member according to the will of the Creator and Sustainer of Life or he is using it by his own arbitrary decisions and does whatever he likes with it.. The covenant God makes with Abraham (note the change of name) has conditions. One of them is: do not use your sexual ability outside of the will of God. 

The scriptures tell the story of male refusal to  live wisely and covenant oriented. From Isaac to Judah, from the sons of Eli to king David, from Hosea to the lamenting Malachi the story unfolds.. Men cause mayhem by their uncontrolled and undisciplined use of their sexual prowess. Laws are made to limit their appetite, cities are ruined in judgment because they let it run wild. The senseless pursuit of sexual satisfaction corrupts religion, ruins kingdoms and corrupts all of mankind.

The second covenant, that which we call the New Covenant, never repeats the conditions of the old. Nowhere is it demanded that males should now be circumcised in the flesh. (An incident took place and involved Paul and Timothy but is never enjoined or enforced again) No in deed not. Because the second covenant goes much further. It demands the circumcision of the heart, the total commitment to the Lord and Saviour of all mankind. 
"You are no longer your own, you have been bought with a price and if you now live you live for Him."

Teddy Donobauer, 10 January 2021

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