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A new page, another life

You have found your way to my newest blogsite online. I have been writing a similar blog under the name of Sub Sola Nihil Novus also on Blogger but that is all in Swedish. Having moved to the United Kingdom and having many new English speaking friends in all corners of the earth it seemed a good idea to branch out and include a wider circle of people than those who speak Swedish.

A page is not the book. What you will find on these blogpostings is not the whole story of either me or anything else. The postings will be excerpts from the larger story than I am. Every man, woman, girl and boy is a story in themselves. We are a story in the making. No-one has yet read the end. So it would be both unwise and impossible to interpret anything here as being the sum total of who I am or for that matter what I think and believe about anything.

I write as a man who has passed his Life's Zenith. I look back a lot more than I see ahead. The days ahead are not what they used to be when I was young. They are neither as rosy as they once seemed, nor as dismal as they loomed on those dark days when even the sun was hazed over in dusky veils of lost hope. The years have not gone unnoticed nor has my life been left unmarked by the passing of time. I am not today what I was in yesteryears. Some would take a sigh of relief at that. So do I.

But what I am today is a lot more 'peeled off' as it were. Many things that seemed to be so important in the past have lost their hold on my heart and mind. I like to think that I am travelling light towards my sunset. Unencumbered by those bags that contain the things that MIGHT come in handy, but almost never do.. So what is the content of my life? And what is that to you?

Since 1966 I have been a christian. But as the very term "christian" has fallen into disrepute I need to qualify that statement. It is important for you to understand what I mean by that or else you will be looking for things in my writings that I would never ever be part of or want to be indentified with. I am not  simply a formal member of a certain earthly organisation called 'church of this or church of that'. I am a human being in whom the One true and unique God and Creator of the Universe is building his temple in and through. I am part of an organic fellowship of thousands of human beings who have all had a comeuppance with themselves and who have recognized a need for salvation and have accepted the offer of the same. They all know that they have been bought  with a high cost. Not by silver or gold but by the very Lifeblood of their saviour.

I am a part of a body of believers which is present in and outside of many and almost unnumbered membership groups of christianity. Christianity is to a christian what the wrapping is to the gift, or what the trellis is for the Honeysuckle or the espalier to the vine. Mistaking one for the other leaves you wretched and poor when the day shall come when He who is the core and essence of christianity appears. We shall see him face to face, but his face will be towards those of his people  who rejoice to meet him, not to the earthly organisations pretending or claiming 
to be His true representatives. Christ will one day ask for the accreditations of our discipleship, not our church membership card or baptismal certificate.

So I am a friend of all who love the Lord Jesus Christ and who are looking forward to be with him and with me, in the hereafter. This I know: I shall be like Him then, because he became like me once upon the time. He became all the worst I could ever have been, even to the point of God Himself averting His eyes from His only begotten Son, in order to raise me up from my worst to a share in His Best. I live in the same world as all other human beings, but I have no illusions about the usefulness of the world. I live in it and with it as I understand it, but it is not my world, it is not where I have my citizenship, it is not my aim to please what it currently is or love its present state.

The driving factors in my life are not those of the consumption society. I eat to live, I do not live to eat. I know of all the good things that there are in the world, but I will not allow greed to make those things my master. I take every good and perfect thing out of the hand of God and will be grateful for them all, but not allow the good things to blot out that wich is the best. I believe with all my heart that Man shall not, will not, cannot and should not live by physical food alone. But by every word that comes forth from the mouth of God.
That is the creed I have. It declares my poverty and my immeasureable richness at the same time. I have nothing, I am given everything I need. Nothing belongs to me except my own life, and that only because it has been given to me by the Creator and is maintained for me by Him.

Christ did not only come to preach the good news, He is the Good news! He was and is and will be forever the same. In a world that seems to be rapidly hurrying to its own ultimate collapse and destruction there stands on solid rock alone: The Son of Man and the Son Of God. I have placed my feet upon that rock. That is what makes me a christian. It has the primary meaning of "christianoi", that is: a human being in whom Christ is taking shape. This process is a day to day ongoing project. It will continue onwards until such time when the work is done and then I will leave the earth one way or the other. A part of the story of my life is that I have interfered with that process often and in many ways, but He who runs it has never given up!

So while I have a voice I will speak of Him and share His word as best I understand it. That is what I hope that you will find on this blogsite. I do not write because I need to be heard. I write because there is someone who has spoken, and still speaks to those who have a hearing ear. I don't do this because it is in any way rewarding but because the One who has written the story of my life wants to write himself into your story also.

"This is eternal life, that they know Him who has been sent and Him who sent. Father, I have given them your name!"

So, happy if with my latest breath I may but gasp His name.

That is what the core of my life is about. Hold me to that as you read my postings.

Teddy Donobauer, Doncaster


  1. Wonderfull. Du är fantastisk på att skriva o jag håller med dig i allt.
    Du är en underbar kristen. Kära hälsningar Hanna



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