Blogtext: Adam, your figleaf has wilted.

The recent wave of protest against male generated sexual abuse has filled the social media and other publishing avenues with the hashtag #metoo. The full force of a process as long as the history of mankind is coming to the fore. It is with considerable shame that I as a man have to admit what utter failure mankind, including myself, has become. Not just the fact that men misbehave to such a large degree or that so much suffering is caused women and children by it but that the underlaying reasons and  causes are so totally ignored and obliterated from human memory. And what more: the "church" is in not very much  better, either as to male conduct or to insight into the "why"?

Humanity is not on an upward move of evolution, it is on an ever increasingly steep downhill gradient. Nowhere clearer seen than in the issue of male-female relationships. In the beginning there was not a grumpy caveman dragging his female by the hair out of a cave to take and use and treat as best he knew in his lowbrow reptilian brain. In the beginning God made the human, male and female he made them and called them "human" in their two component reality. The two of them together constituted what is the true human being. Equal doses of female and male. They were made in the image of God. But they lost it. But losing that they also lost their true humanity.To ignore that singular fact of the fall of humanity is to be left without the tiniest hint of why things are as they are today.

What then was lost when Adam decided that he could ignore the warning against eating of the tree of knowledge? He was told that not eating of that tree would forever reduce him to being in the shadow of the Almighty, never becoming 'god' himself, but always and forever being another creation within creation, being a subject to his maker and being obliged to live in the world along the lines of divine instruction. He was told a lie. 'If you eat you will be as god,' was the ruse. Having already been made in the image of God how much more like God could he become? Can the artefact ever become the artisans equal?

So he ate the fruit and eyes were opened to his new status: the naked ape..But what did this new knowledge mean? What use is knowing that without God man is virtually only a higher form of naked ape if he knowing good from evil no longer can prevent doing the evil he now knows by name? So ever since the falling away from being the express image of God in favor of being a contender for the position due to God only, man has proved himself to be able to behave in ways that no other naked ape could ever stoop to.

The difference between a pig and a man is that a pig can never ever choose to be like a man but man frequently chooses to be living on a level below the pig. (Apologies to all pigs). The fall from the initial intention and purpose for male and female has had many effects. In our day we are seeing them all come together in a most horrendous way. Let me list  a few:

1 The relationship between men and women has become the most intense battleground. The sexes have been driven by impulse and instinct rather than insight and responsibility. 

2 The gift of sex has become the opposite of a gift. It has become a curse under which men and women labor. Sexual attraction has been substituted for knowledgeable love. The initial description of sex: "The man knew his wife" is not prudish avoidance of the sex act, it is the elevation of love from lust to cognizant living together where sex is but one part of the conjunction.

3 The responsibility of the man not to sow what he will not reap, of doing what normally produces pregnancies without a worry in the world for its consequences, is the root of every rape and every abortion in the entire world. Why is almost every discussion about abortion treated as if it was a matter  of 'the woman's right to her body,' and not a discussion about 'a man's responsibility for his seed?' I venture a guess: Adam shirked his responsibility in the garden of Eden, and nothing has changed. The shame on the sons of Adam for their pandering to their irresponsible lust is monumental.

4 Adam and Eve reproduced themselves and their sons now carried all the probabilities inherent in a creature that has set itself up against the creator. Beginning with the murderous result of jealousy between Cain and Abel and going on ever since.  'In the day when God created man, He made them in the likeness of God. He created them male and female, and he blessed them and named them Man (adam) in the day when they were created. When Adam had lived one hundred and thirty years, he became the father of a son  IN HIS OWN LIKENESS, according to his image.' And what does God think about this adulterated version of man? 'Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. .. Now the earth was corrupt in the sight of God and the earth was filled with violence.' Is it not?
Evil think, evil do. Read me one daily paper, relate to me one daily newscast and tell me that it is not so?

5 'The sins of the fathers effect and harass the children in the third and fourth generations.'  Where the fathers no longer submit to God they cease to be true role models and/or true parents. When fathers have lost sight of The Father and no longer take any thought to establish their fatherhood  on the word of the Father then the sons become wayward. Sons without a father create male societies that are costly to women and children. It is the brotherhoods that gangrape. Its the brotherhoods that suppress the rights and flaunt the dignity of women. It is men who think themselves to be responsible to no-one but their own conniving, consorting and supporting equals, that go to war on one another and on the women and children.

6 The logical result is the obliteration of everything originally made and ordained by God for the preservation of society. The secret societies, the various gender-defined movements, the transgender demands and the rapid homosexualisation of mankind is only another consequence of the breaking down of what "was from the beginning".  It is mistakenly called evolution. It is called freedom. "I chose what to do  when I want to do it," that is the new creed. A magnificent and malevolent lie from beginning to end. In every text book on evolution one critical primus motor in the evolution progress is the number off offspring, and the vitality of reproduction is crucial since only unlimited numbers of offspring can safeguard the mutations that eventually together can 'produce a macroevolutionary leap' from one species to another and new one. (It has never happened but facts cannot budge false faith.) So the modern homosexualisation is a death knell for the evolution of the species. Non reproduction proves that those branches of humanity lack the fundamental vitality needed to be part of an upward movement. They spell the opposite: the demise of the human race.

7 Having lost all spiritual anchor in the true Spirit of God we have substituted it with a kind of 'spiritualized materialism'. Women spend billions to be physically attractive because they doubt that they would be loved for their own sake. And the question: 'Why do men chose partners with their eyes and not with their heads?' is answered best by stating the fact: Men see better than they think. Women want to look sexually attractive, men respond in the only way they seem to know instinctively, which is by touch, and the confused messages end in the misery called abuse. The churches pray: 'lead us not into temptation' and then stay silent while the sexualisation process driven by the cosmetics and fashion industry runs rampant around them. And that industry has one aim only: the enhancing and displaying of sexual attraction.

The list would be very much longer if all factors resulting from the fall of man and sin in man and women were accounted for. These do well enough to indicate the truth of my initial statement: "Adam your fig leaf has wilted"

The hashtag #metoo shows the extent of the nakedness. What will Adam do? Freeze and shrivel? Or acknowledge his true status and ask the creator for a cover up? Well the christian message is clear; sin is real, but so is salvation from it. 'You say of yourself that you are rich and have need of nothing, but do not realize that you are wretched, naked and blind. I advise you to buy from Me gold refined by fire, that you may become rich, and white garments that you may clothe yourself, and that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed, and eyesalve to anoint your eyes, that you may see.'

Kyrie eleison! Lord have mercy on us men.

Teddy Donobauer, Doncaster


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