Video: Disturbing message of the book of Judges

The night before streaming this video I shared the word of the Lord with a small group of people in Saltvik (a municipality in the Åland Islands). We have been going through the book of Judges and nearing the end of it we discovered some things that it seems good to share with all of you.

This video was live streamed on Facebook May 4th 2017. 
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Video: Your life is guaranteed. Jer 45

One night I was constantly reminded of Jeremiah's 45th chapter. I remember that I shared it in Blackburn during a visit. The urgency of the content in that chapter leaves me no choice but to stop cleaning windows for a while and instead share the brunt of the message. You might read this very short chapter before you start listening. (Read online here) You can read it twice through in less than a coffee break...

This video was live streamed on Facebook May 3rd 2017. This video was made before the start of

Video: Something that connects the old and the new testaments

I want to share something that connects the old and the new testaments together and maybe gives your faith in Christ Jesus a hand.

This video was live streamed on Facebook May 1st 2017.

Video: The methods and strategies of the evil One. Part 2

Answers to the methods and strategies that the Evil One is using against us.

This video was live streamed on Facebook April 26th 2017.

Video: The methods and strategies of the evil One. Part 1

Video teaching about the methods and strategies of the evil One. 

This video was live streamed on Facebook April 24th 2017.

Video: On Worship

Sundays means that many of you are going to partake of some sort of worship. I have been spending some time in the Word of God about Worship and will just share some observations. 

This video was live streamed on Facebook April 22nd 2017.

Video: Spiritual milk

In this video teaching I will adress myself to the matter of spiritual milk. There is no way at all of growing as individuals or as a church unless our diet changes.

This video was live streamed on Facebook April 21st 2017.

Video: To practically 'feed' on the word of God

I often get asked how to practically 'feed' on the word of God. If we are agreed on the fact that man cannot survive on bread alone then we must learn to eat the Words out of the mouth of God. 

This video was livestreamed on Facebook April 20th 2017.

Video: Something to wet your spiritual appetite

A tidbit for your enjoyment and inspiration. Just something to wet your spiritual appetite.

This video was live streamed on Facebook April 20th 2017.

Video: Our relationship to God the Father

Our relationship to God the Father. The story I am retelling was told by my grandfather who had met the then Swedish Prince Gustaf at a YMCA meeting in Gothenburg.

This video was live streamed on Facebook April 18th 2017.

Video: Snippets pieces and the whole Bible

A clip cut short due to the iPad time limit. However a great clip on the importance of the whole Bible, not only the gospels but all of the New Testament and absolutely the Old Testament.

This video was live streamed on Facebook April 18th 2017.

Video: Savagery done to the Word of God

One of my pet issues is the savagery done to the Word of God. I will adress the question in this video.

This video was live streamde on Facebook April 18th 2017.

Video: The fast food generation

It is well said that we have become "the fast food generation". Anything that demands our attention longer than five minutes is  a burden. Fragments and slivers of reality is what occupies so many minds. God however creates the opposite: 'To see if they will walk in my ways".  We look for the "ultimate once and for all fix". God looks for the daily commitment. "As you have received, so walk."

This video was live streamed on Facebook April 17th 2017.


Blogtext: Adam, your figleaf has wilted.

The recent wave of protest against male generated sexual abuse has filled the social media and other publishing avenues with the hashtag #metoo. The full force of a process as long as the history of mankind is coming to the fore. It is with considerable shame that I as a man have to admit what utter failure mankind, including myself, has become. Not just the fact that men misbehave to such a large degree or that so much suffering is caused women and children by it but that the underlaying reasons and  causes are so totally ignored and obliterated from human memory. And what more: the "church" is in not very much  better, either as to male conduct or to insight into the "why"?

Humanity is not on an upward move of evolution, it is on an ever increasingly steep downhill gradient. Nowhere clearer seen than in the issue of male-female relationships. In the beginning there was not a grumpy caveman dragging his female by the hair out of a cave to take and use and treat as best he knew in his lowbrow reptilian brain. In the beginning God made the human, male and female he made them and called them "human" in their two component reality. The two of them together constituted what is the true human being. Equal doses of female and male. They were made in the image of God. But they lost it. But losing that they also lost their true humanity.To ignore that singular fact of the fall of humanity is to be left without the tiniest hint of why things are as they are today.

What then was lost when Adam decided that he could ignore the warning against eating of the tree of knowledge? He was told that not eating of that tree would forever reduce him to being in the shadow of the Almighty, never becoming 'god' himself, but always and forever being another creation within creation, being a subject to his maker and being obliged to live in the world along the lines of divine instruction. He was told a lie. 'If you eat you will be as god,' was the ruse. Having already been made in the image of God how much more like God could he become? Can the artefact ever become the artisans equal?

So he ate the fruit and eyes were opened to his new status: the naked ape..But what did this new knowledge mean? What use is knowing that without God man is virtually only a higher form of naked ape if he knowing good from evil no longer can prevent doing the evil he now knows by name? So ever since the falling away from being the express image of God in favor of being a contender for the position due to God only, man has proved himself to be able to behave in ways that no other naked ape could ever stoop to.

The difference between a pig and a man is that a pig can never ever choose to be like a man but man frequently chooses to be living on a level below the pig. (Apologies to all pigs). The fall from the initial intention and purpose for male and female has had many effects. In our day we are seeing them all come together in a most horrendous way. Let me list  a few:

1 The relationship between men and women has become the most intense battleground. The sexes have been driven by impulse and instinct rather than insight and responsibility. 

2 The gift of sex has become the opposite of a gift. It has become a curse under which men and women labor. Sexual attraction has been substituted for knowledgeable love. The initial description of sex: "The man knew his wife" is not prudish avoidance of the sex act, it is the elevation of love from lust to cognizant living together where sex is but one part of the conjunction.

3 The responsibility of the man not to sow what he will not reap, of doing what normally produces pregnancies without a worry in the world for its consequences, is the root of every rape and every abortion in the entire world. Why is almost every discussion about abortion treated as if it was a matter  of 'the woman's right to her body,' and not a discussion about 'a man's responsibility for his seed?' I venture a guess: Adam shirked his responsibility in the garden of Eden, and nothing has changed. The shame on the sons of Adam for their pandering to their irresponsible lust is monumental.

4 Adam and Eve reproduced themselves and their sons now carried all the probabilities inherent in a creature that has set itself up against the creator. Beginning with the murderous result of jealousy between Cain and Abel and going on ever since.  'In the day when God created man, He made them in the likeness of God. He created them male and female, and he blessed them and named them Man (adam) in the day when they were created. When Adam had lived one hundred and thirty years, he became the father of a son  IN HIS OWN LIKENESS, according to his image.' And what does God think about this adulterated version of man? 'Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. .. Now the earth was corrupt in the sight of God and the earth was filled with violence.' Is it not?
Evil think, evil do. Read me one daily paper, relate to me one daily newscast and tell me that it is not so?

5 'The sins of the fathers effect and harass the children in the third and fourth generations.'  Where the fathers no longer submit to God they cease to be true role models and/or true parents. When fathers have lost sight of The Father and no longer take any thought to establish their fatherhood  on the word of the Father then the sons become wayward. Sons without a father create male societies that are costly to women and children. It is the brotherhoods that gangrape. Its the brotherhoods that suppress the rights and flaunt the dignity of women. It is men who think themselves to be responsible to no-one but their own conniving, consorting and supporting equals, that go to war on one another and on the women and children.

6 The logical result is the obliteration of everything originally made and ordained by God for the preservation of society. The secret societies, the various gender-defined movements, the transgender demands and the rapid homosexualisation of mankind is only another consequence of the breaking down of what "was from the beginning".  It is mistakenly called evolution. It is called freedom. "I chose what to do  when I want to do it," that is the new creed. A magnificent and malevolent lie from beginning to end. In every text book on evolution one critical primus motor in the evolution progress is the number off offspring, and the vitality of reproduction is crucial since only unlimited numbers of offspring can safeguard the mutations that eventually together can 'produce a macroevolutionary leap' from one species to another and new one. (It has never happened but facts cannot budge false faith.) So the modern homosexualisation is a death knell for the evolution of the species. Non reproduction proves that those branches of humanity lack the fundamental vitality needed to be part of an upward movement. They spell the opposite: the demise of the human race.

7 Having lost all spiritual anchor in the true Spirit of God we have substituted it with a kind of 'spiritualized materialism'. Women spend billions to be physically attractive because they doubt that they would be loved for their own sake. And the question: 'Why do men chose partners with their eyes and not with their heads?' is answered best by stating the fact: Men see better than they think. Women want to look sexually attractive, men respond in the only way they seem to know instinctively, which is by touch, and the confused messages end in the misery called abuse. The churches pray: 'lead us not into temptation' and then stay silent while the sexualisation process driven by the cosmetics and fashion industry runs rampant around them. And that industry has one aim only: the enhancing and displaying of sexual attraction.

The list would be very much longer if all factors resulting from the fall of man and sin in man and women were accounted for. These do well enough to indicate the truth of my initial statement: "Adam your fig leaf has wilted"

The hashtag #metoo shows the extent of the nakedness. What will Adam do? Freeze and shrivel? Or acknowledge his true status and ask the creator for a cover up? Well the christian message is clear; sin is real, but so is salvation from it. 'You say of yourself that you are rich and have need of nothing, but do not realize that you are wretched, naked and blind. I advise you to buy from Me gold refined by fire, that you may become rich, and white garments that you may clothe yourself, and that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed, and eyesalve to anoint your eyes, that you may see.'

Kyrie eleison! Lord have mercy on us men.

Teddy Donobauer, Doncaster


Video: He is risen

An eastern video teaching. He is truly risen! 

This video was live streamed on Facebook April 16th 2017.


Video: What is truth?

Video teaching. From the trial of Jesus by Pilate. What is truth? John 18:38.

This video was live streamed on Facebook April 14th 2017.


Blogtext: A mouth full of wool

"For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself for battle?"

Nothing gives a sadder impression than to read the word of God and then to listen to most of the preaching that is going on today. To say that the sounds from the majority of todays pulpits are muffled, hesitant and excusing the faith of our fathers rather than proclaiming it is almost an understatement.

Frankly speaking; they sound like they have a mouth full of wool. Not uncommonly that comes from a head full of wool also. And woolly-headedness lacks all authority, never speaks clearly and always apologizes for anything that might taste of certainty. To read about  the early fearless church being ready to speak irrespective of cost to the speaker and then look at the situation today makes you realize that the bible has almost nothing to do with what is happening today in the very churches that purport to be based on the original dynamic of the "Way". Why?

The message of the bible is not modern. What does the word modern mean?
Substitute it for 'according to what we now believe to be true' and you see the point of divergence. If it is not new and if it is not in the mood of the time then it must be rejected as obsolete. But why is that taken to be true? In other fields that certainly does not apply. The foundations of virtually everything else is to be found in the very distant past. Mathematics, geometry, logic etc etc. is based even today on things as old as and in some cases even older than the now extant bible. Our legal system has its root in the Lex Romana, the entire stage industry owes its basics to the Greek dramas from over two thousands years ago. Nobody in their right mind would jettison the understandings of an Archimedes or Euclide on the strength of the argument that they 'are not modern'. But the Bible is subjected to be modified to suit modernity. Which is simply another way of saying that you prefer the snow when the avalanche has hit the valley below the mountain it came from.

The ministry of modernizing the scriptural teaching to suit the 'modern mind' is very much akin to downhill-racing on an avalanche. Its fun while it lasts, very speedy, and maybe even exhilarating. But the avalanche always end in the trough of utter despair for those living in its way. The hillsides of truth have been deforested by so called liberal theology and all kinds of academic shenanigans. And the mass of truth that was suspended on the hillside of lofty truth has been let go, and the truth denied a firm base will sweep those who laud the sliding to a bitter end. Why?

Because God has not changed. His Son Jesus Christ has not changed. The changes in the world are modernly thought to be evolving to constantly higher levels, that is a blatant lie. The development is not uphill, but downhill. Modernity is simply one way of calling attention to where the avalanche at present has its front on the downhill run.

But I digress. Wool in the mouth of the speakers comes from wool in the head and from trying to eat sheep without butchering them. For those of you familiar with biblical images the concept of "The Lamb of God" will ring true. The equivalent concept of  "The Word of God" will also be familiar. But do you ever link them together? 

Behold the Lamb, behold the Word

To get milk from a ewe is comparatively easy: you buff the udder (providing the ewe recognizes you as her lamb, they are picky that way) and the milk will be let down for you to suckle. The sheep goes on with the business of producing more milk until you are hungry again. Milk Christians are spoken of in the scriptures in several passages. "I could not speak to you as mature believers but as babes in Christ, I could only feed you milk, you were unready for meat!", "By this time you ought to be ready to teach yourselves and others, but you are still milk-teeth people and need milk, meat you cannot handle." "Seek the sincere milk of the gospel.. but then grow!"


"Study to show yourself approved, a workman not needing to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth!" The word  here used for 'dividing' is the Greek word used for what the butcher does in the abbatoir. He dissects the lamb after removing the wool and finds the anatomically correct way of separating the meat from the bones, the edible from that which was structurally the sheep's backbone. He cuts straight cuts! He has discernment as to what is to be eaten and what not. Or: he knows how to ready the sheep for sacrifice as well as to eat. The lamb-chops are never hidden in the wool!

The Lamb is the Word. Unless he had been led like a lamb to the slaughter it would not have been more than a children's book picture. But the Lamb that was slain is who we believe in.  "Worthy is the Lamb that was slain!"

We must not adapt the biblical message to a squeamish modern culture that cries at the least sight of blood whilst never understanding that the "Life is in the shed blood".

Unless you learn to undertake the precarious and delicate ministry of 'cutting straight', of literally "slaughtering" the bible, of discerning its various parts and making use of them along the lines which the bible itself describes, then all you can do is eat wool or , at best, continue on the milky way. Spiritual malnutrition is  the church's most serious condition. It comes from feeding thirty, forty, fifty and sixty year old people with milk only.

And those who never know either the Lamb or the Word as it is to be seen in the view of those who wrote it down, at the demand and urge of the true author: the Spirit of God, will do best to leave it alone.

The wool in the mouth preaching goes a long way to call the faith of the church into disrepute and it cow-tows with the fawning, tail-fanning idea that we must preach to please the world. To adapt and dismantle, to gloss over and minimize, divest of any authority, every statement of scripture to fit into the 'anything goes except God' culture of the 'modern times'. That is surely the end of the Church. But not the end of faith, for God has not ever left Himself without a witness. 

At the time of the prophet Elijah things were not dissimilar to today. Under the threat of the feminist movement of his time (The Queen Jezebel, the femme fatale behind the king Ahab) he ran away all the way down to the mount of revelation, in Sinai, and there he was met by the unchanging everlasting God of all men. Elijah was allowed to bring his case to the highest court possible. "I, I only am left among the righteous!" God smiled at his wayward son and said: "Nope, I have seven thousand that have not bowed their knee to Baal."

"Sorry to disappoint you, Elijah, I, the eternal God always make sure I have plenty who have not fallen into the trap of 'modernity'."

So: if wool is what you get when meat is what you need, then challenge those who spread the lanolin-sodden fleece to 'spit it out'. How could a clear worldwide call to repentance ever come from a mouth full of wool?

And point them to the "Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the preachers". And then send them to school to learn how to 'divide the word rightly".

Teddy Donobauer, Doncaster

"Release us, Lord from the prisons of our minds"

Teddy Donobauer


Blogtext: Introducing this site.

A new page, another life

You have found your way to my newest blogsite online. I have been writing a similar blog under the name of Sub Sola Nihil Novus also on Blogger but that is all in Swedish. Having moved to the United Kingdom and having many new English speaking friends in all corners of the earth it seemed a good idea to branch out and include a wider circle of people than those who speak Swedish.

A page is not the book. What you will find on these blogpostings is not the whole story of either me or anything else. The postings will be excerpts from the larger story than I am. Every man, woman, girl and boy is a story in themselves. We are a story in the making. No-one has yet read the end. So it would be both unwise and impossible to interpret anything here as being the sum total of who I am or for that matter what I think and believe about anything.

I write as a man who has passed his Life's Zenith. I look back a lot more than I see ahead. The days ahead are not what they used to be when I was young. They are neither as rosy as they once seemed, nor as dismal as they loomed on those dark days when even the sun was hazed over in dusky veils of lost hope. The years have not gone unnoticed nor has my life been left unmarked by the passing of time. I am not today what I was in yesteryears. Some would take a sigh of relief at that. So do I.

But what I am today is a lot more 'peeled off' as it were. Many things that seemed to be so important in the past have lost their hold on my heart and mind. I like to think that I am travelling light towards my sunset. Unencumbered by those bags that contain the things that MIGHT come in handy, but almost never do.. So what is the content of my life? And what is that to you?

Since 1966 I have been a christian. But as the very term "christian" has fallen into disrepute I need to qualify that statement. It is important for you to understand what I mean by that or else you will be looking for things in my writings that I would never ever be part of or want to be indentified with. I am not  simply a formal member of a certain earthly organisation called 'church of this or church of that'. I am a human being in whom the One true and unique God and Creator of the Universe is building his temple in and through. I am part of an organic fellowship of thousands of human beings who have all had a comeuppance with themselves and who have recognized a need for salvation and have accepted the offer of the same. They all know that they have been bought  with a high cost. Not by silver or gold but by the very Lifeblood of their saviour.

I am a part of a body of believers which is present in and outside of many and almost unnumbered membership groups of christianity. Christianity is to a christian what the wrapping is to the gift, or what the trellis is for the Honeysuckle or the espalier to the vine. Mistaking one for the other leaves you wretched and poor when the day shall come when He who is the core and essence of christianity appears. We shall see him face to face, but his face will be towards those of his people  who rejoice to meet him, not to the earthly organisations pretending or claiming 
to be His true representatives. Christ will one day ask for the accreditations of our discipleship, not our church membership card or baptismal certificate.

So I am a friend of all who love the Lord Jesus Christ and who are looking forward to be with him and with me, in the hereafter. This I know: I shall be like Him then, because he became like me once upon the time. He became all the worst I could ever have been, even to the point of God Himself averting His eyes from His only begotten Son, in order to raise me up from my worst to a share in His Best. I live in the same world as all other human beings, but I have no illusions about the usefulness of the world. I live in it and with it as I understand it, but it is not my world, it is not where I have my citizenship, it is not my aim to please what it currently is or love its present state.

The driving factors in my life are not those of the consumption society. I eat to live, I do not live to eat. I know of all the good things that there are in the world, but I will not allow greed to make those things my master. I take every good and perfect thing out of the hand of God and will be grateful for them all, but not allow the good things to blot out that wich is the best. I believe with all my heart that Man shall not, will not, cannot and should not live by physical food alone. But by every word that comes forth from the mouth of God.
That is the creed I have. It declares my poverty and my immeasureable richness at the same time. I have nothing, I am given everything I need. Nothing belongs to me except my own life, and that only because it has been given to me by the Creator and is maintained for me by Him.

Christ did not only come to preach the good news, He is the Good news! He was and is and will be forever the same. In a world that seems to be rapidly hurrying to its own ultimate collapse and destruction there stands on solid rock alone: The Son of Man and the Son Of God. I have placed my feet upon that rock. That is what makes me a christian. It has the primary meaning of "christianoi", that is: a human being in whom Christ is taking shape. This process is a day to day ongoing project. It will continue onwards until such time when the work is done and then I will leave the earth one way or the other. A part of the story of my life is that I have interfered with that process often and in many ways, but He who runs it has never given up!

So while I have a voice I will speak of Him and share His word as best I understand it. That is what I hope that you will find on this blogsite. I do not write because I need to be heard. I write because there is someone who has spoken, and still speaks to those who have a hearing ear. I don't do this because it is in any way rewarding but because the One who has written the story of my life wants to write himself into your story also.

"This is eternal life, that they know Him who has been sent and Him who sent. Father, I have given them your name!"

So, happy if with my latest breath I may but gasp His name.

That is what the core of my life is about. Hold me to that as you read my postings.

Teddy Donobauer, Doncaster


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